With the current state of facilities, decreasing the amount of waste going into the waste stream via the household drop off area would require a physical change to the protocol of dumping trash at the waste transfer station.  There are current plans to build a new building for municipal trucks to drop waste off at and we will therefore be able to use the old transfer building for reuse purposes.  We are proposing that the current road leading to the newly purposed reuse building be split into two sides; one side for municipal trash trucks and the other for cars and trucks wanting to use the household waste drop off.  The road is approximately 50 feet across, making each side around 25 feet wide allowing plenty of space for each respective type of vehicle to travel.  There should be some small physical barrier or lines painted on the ground to delineate between the two sides (one for municipal trucks and one for household vehicles).  The household car or truck, after being weighed, would travel up the left side of the road and enter through the far right garage door into building. The building would be staffed by an employee from the transfer station who would sift through the residents trash and see if there were any things that could be reused or recycled (such as construction waste, electronic waste, and mattresses).  The employee would then remove the “good” trash from the vehicle and place it in the appropriate area in the building, where it would be picked up by the appropriate client once per week, or when needed.  The resident would then proceed through the far left garage door (looking from the front), travel back down the other side of the road that they came up, and to the dumpsters at the regular household drop off area where the normal dumping protocol would take place.  By making each resident drive through the reuse building first, any salvageable material would be removed from the waste stream and taken out of the landfill.  This would also set the precedent that reuse and recycling is more important than dumping trash.  We will be uploading diagrams of the site for better clarification of our vision.